What is solar and how it works ?

What is Solar Power ?

Solar Power Technology that uses solar Cell made Of silicon to covert sunlight directly into Electricity with zero pollution which can be use of Domestic/ commercial & Industrial Purposes.

It can generate the electricity as low as 100w and high as 1mw. i.e. It can provide electricity from your FAN to your entire city/state.


How it Works ?

Solar Power uses Sun light to generate electricity. This electricity is either stored in batteries or directly used to run equipments.


Why do we need Solar power?

We need solar power to fulfill the below needs

  1. To generate your own electricity through Solar Power Plant
  2. To get hot water  through Solar Water Heating Solutions
  3. To light up your Home, Factory, School, Shopping mall, through Solar Street Lightning solutions
  4. To get ground water through Solar pump solution

There are also many other reasons that why you should choose solar power

Electricity Cost 2/- per unit for 25 years
Cost Recovered in 3 TO 5 years
Acclerated Depreciation
Zero Maintenance
Clean and Green Source of Energy
Net Metering Policy
Reduce Carbon Footprint
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